Rocky Inspire Me Clog Accesory Strap


These women's clog straps are accessories in the Rocky® 4EurSole™ collection of customizable clogs.

4EurSole is designed specifically for women who are dynamic, performance-driven and always on the run. These shoes are built on a unique three-part system that allows the wearer to interchange two insoles on the clog shoes: a backless insole with a removable swivel-strap and full-back insole. These convertible shoes give you three looks in one!

The clogs are ideal for medical professionals. They are specially designed with higher backs so you won't run out of these clogs when running to answer a code!

In addition to being one of the most comfortable nursing shoes < "”> or hair stylist shoes, or gardening shoes, or you get the idea < "”> this also is a quality leather shoe.

The strap < "”> which appears either across the front or across the back, depending on how you want to wear it < "”> has a buckle detail and a small silver flower snap.

For your own unique look, mix and match your straps with different colored clogs!